About the workshops:

These experiential workshops combining somatic movement and meditative practices are open to anyone who wishes to support or deepen their personal process through embodied inquiry. The workshops are intended for a small number of participants to promote a sense of safety, inclusion, mutual support and sharing. Summer workshops include periods of practice in nature. The winter workshops are typically held indoors.

The workshops include:

  • Somatic movement and body-work
  • Sitting and movement meditation
  • Experiential physiology and anatomy
  • Individual, pair and group work
  • Reflective time, sharing and creative ways to integrate the experience

Being home in the body

Our bodies have an immense capacity to grow, regenerate and also remember – storing and centring all life experiences in the best possible way. In the contemplative atmosphere of the workshops there is an opportunity to settle the mind and anchor awareness in the sensing body. Inhabiting our own body and becoming awake to our felt experience can deeply connect us to ourselves and our surroundings. As we begin to rest into presence, allowing our body-mind to be in its authenticity, we can become more receptive to the subtler layers of our experience and alive to the depth of our being.

Stillness in movement – movement in stillness

Whether sitting, walking, lying or moving, the invitation is to engage in a mindful inquiry – cultivating the ability to ground attention and open perception. It is an invitation to stay present to what we sense, feel and experience while developing capacity to witness our own process with a sense of spaciousness and self-compassion.

As we meet ourselves in this way, we might naturally take time to relax our minds and soften bodily tensions, start letting go and just simply be with what is. This opens a possibility to settle into a deeper stillness and attend to the unfolding movement – whether it manifests as a subtle internal movement, gross physical movement or movement of a feeling. We begin to explore the presence of stillness in movement and presence of movement in stillness.

Relational nature of our experience

The relational aspect of our experience is particularly important in this work. We are constantly in relationship – to the ground, to our immediate and to our global environment, to those we consider close and to those who are further away. Within the group work, there is an opportunity to meet with our own selves through the encounters with the others and bring more awareness, presence and clarity into the ways of our relating. As we continue to delve into the practice we explore the possibility to be in a conscious relationship with our own selves while appreciating the interconnectedness with all beings.