What is Somatic Movement Therapy

Somatic movement therapy is an experiential form of therapy, which integrates movement and embodied inquiry into the therapeutic process. This therapeutic modality has evolved over the recent decades under the influence of a variety of eastern and western body-mind and movement practices.

The one to one therapeutic sessions offer a space to enter a dialogue – in words or silence, in movement or in stillness. It is a space where you can safely explore whatever is present for you, express yourself, reflect or just simply be. My role is to listen to you, accompany you and support you gently and compassionately in your inquiry.

What is somatic movement?

Soma has been defined as the “body experienced from within” and could be understood as an awareness of self through a direct embodied experience. It is an invitation to soften around the way we conceptualize our experience and enter a realm of sensing, feeling and experiencing. Attending closely to our felt experience can allow us to gain new insights, cultivate an attentive relationship with our own selves and appreciate the innate wholeness of our being. In the therapeutic session, there is a possibility to bring the inner experience into movement. Whether subtle or whole body movement it can be a way of meeting one´s self, a way of giving expression to what is felt yet not ready to be spoken in words. It can be a way of transforming and integrating the experience.

What happens in the therapeutic session?

In the session, you can share in confidence any aspects of your life and address any issues that you feel need attention. The session takes a unique shape according to the individual needs and wishes of each client. Whether in talking or in moving, I will gently orient your awareness to your felt experience. Some clients choose to move while in my witnessing presence, sometimes we move together in a dialogue. On some occasions, I may offer support through a negotiated, gentle physical contact. Art making, writing and sounding is welcomed to be used within the session for a further integration of your experience.

Who is somatic movement therapy for?

Each therapeutic session is weaved around the individuals needs and can be therefore accessed by anyone who wishes to enter a therapeutic process on a one to one basis. This therapy may be suitable for people with an interest in somatic and movement processes, however, no movement experience is required. The therapy may support clients who wish to deepen understanding about themselves, access their inner resources, discover the still points in their lifes or bring their body-minds into a greater balance.